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Simple Steps To Get Your Cleveland Cannabis Card

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Fill A Simple Pre-qualification Form

Start by filling out a simple pre-qualification form that contains your basic medical and personal details. Doctors use this information to diagnose your health and provide you with better help. The process is quick and takes no more than a few minutes.

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Talk To Our Doctor

A certified cannabis doctor interacts with you via video call to get a deeper understanding of your health. The entire aim of this process is to know whether you have a qualifying medical condition to earn the right to use cannabis. Feel free to ask any questions you have and the doctors will assist you.

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Get Your MMJ Card

If you qualify, the doctor gives you the approval to get a medical marijuana card. The recommendation is sent to you via email on the same day. Next, download it and use the same to register under the state medical marijuana program to earn the full right to use cannabis for your health.

Cleveland Medical Marijuana Card Is Your Ticket to Better Health

With the rising incidence of chronic diseases, people need a viable and more effective mode of treatment. Mainstream medications work but come with harmful side effects that make things complex. This is pushing people towards natural medicine and cannabis has emerged as a top choice. It’s highly effective and provides a relaxing route to better health, minus the side effects. Compared to prescription and OTC medicines, this is a huge bonus when it comes to managing health. Considering that, our certified doctors do everything in their capacity to transform your health through a customized approach using the power of cannabis

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We House The Best Medical Marijuana Doctors in Cleveland

Cannabis works best if you follow the right approach to using it. Our board-certified doctors are guided by in-depth scientific research and analysis to provide you with a detailed roadmap to using cannabis for your health. Years of experience has equipped us with the expertise to diagnose and manage chronic health conditions with unmatched effectiveness. We use medical cannabis as a tool to transform your health through a customized approach that is guaranteed to work for your benefit.

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A Brief Glimpse Into the Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws

House Bill 523, which was passed in 2016, paved the way for the legalization of medical cannabis in January 2021. This was definitely a welcome change and has worked wonders in enhancing the health of people suffering from chronic diseases. As per the law, you can access medical cannabis from registered dispensaries once you have a cannabis card. The possession limit is capped at 8 ounces of Tier-1 flower or a 90-days supply. It’s important to note that vaping and smoking are not yet legal in the eyes of law. The only permissible forms of cannabis include edibles, oils, lotions, tinctures, tablets, etc. Plus, if you plan on growing cannabis, you’ll have to wait a bit longer because as of now, it’s not legal.

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We Promise More Convenience and Less Hassle

Our clinic operates on a HIPAA-certified online platform, which means you can earn the right to use cannabis from the comfort of your home. We’ve designed the whole process to be highly convenient and time-saving for you. All it takes is just 5-10 minutes to get evaluated and get your medical marijuana recommendation if you have a qualifying medical condition. Plus, we understand that if you’re applying for an MMJ card for the first time, you might be confused about following the right approach. Well, rest assured because we’ve designed the whole process to be absolutely convenient for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need the following documents to apply for an MMJ card in Cleveland:

  • Colored photographs
  • A certified 420 doctor’s recommendation, dated within 30 days of application
  • Driver’s license or Ohio-issued identification card.
  • Proof of residency, which can be in the form of a property deed or residency bill.

Yes, absolutely! We operate on a HIPAA-certified online platform that keeps all your information and credentials completely safe. Your data is not shared with any third party.

The qualifying medical conditions in Ohio include cancer, chronic pain, AIDs, cachexia, Alzheimer’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. If you have one of these health conditions, you qualify to get an MMJ recommendation in Cleveland.

Whether you’re a beginner or have used cannabis before, our doctors provide you with complete guidance on using the right dose of cannabis. Prior to that, they diagnose your health, and based on that, provide you with a customized approach to using cannabis.