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Frequently Asked Questions

No, only patients with a valid medical marijuana card are able to purchase marijuana from a licensed dispensary in Illinois.

No, the use of medical marijuana is protected under patient-doctor confidentiality, and will not be reported to your primary healthcare provider without your consent.

Yes, there are limits on how much marijuana you can purchase with a medical marijuana card in Illinois. The limit is 2.5 ounces per 14 days.

No, you must have a valid medical marijuana card from Illinois to purchase and use marijuana in the state.

It depends on the employer’s policies and the state laws. Some employers have policies in place that prohibit the use of medical marijuana, even with a valid card. It is best to check with your employer and consult with an attorney.

No, it is illegal to transport marijuana across state lines, even if you have a valid medical marijuana card. It is best to consult with a lawyer if you plan to travel with your medication.

No, you cannot.
Private or home cultivation in the state of Chicago is a punishable offense and is closely regulated by the Control Program. Even licensed cultivators go through regular investigations and evaluations.

Yes, there can be multiple instances under which your application for a medical marijuana card might be denied.

  • You’ve provided false or incomplete information on your application.
  • Your condition is not approved by the state or is not critical enough to require marijuana support.
  • You’re a minor and do not have an adult caregiver.
  • You or your caregiver have been convicted with illegal consumption or selling of drugs.
  • You have not gone through traditional treatment or have submitted no proof before applying for a recommendation.

No, MMJ users registered with another state cannot buy marijuana in Chicago. The state does not have a reciprocity program in association with its medical marijuana program. The possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana is a minor misdemeanor.