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Why Does Cannabis Cause Laughter?

Is it difficult not to laugh? Because of the way cannabis interacts with the brain, it has the uncanny ability to make even the most sour-faced person laugh. Everyone has experienced uncontrollably laughing—even when sober—which not only leaves you feeling euphoric but also strengthens relationships with both new and old acquaintances. However, experiencing laughter while […]

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Understanding the Contrast Between CBD and CBN: What Sets Them Apart?

Whether you use cannabis or not, you’ve probably heard of CBD these days. Due to its explosive rise in popularity in recent years, CBD products are now available everywhere, including your neighborhood pharmacy and gas station.  CBD is not the only cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant, despite THC being one of the most well-known. […]

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Cannabis and Dopamine: Exploring the Intriguing Connection

Dopamine. Most likely, you’ve heard of this brain chemical previously. This chemical, sometimes referred to as the “feel-good” hormone, is crucial to our emotional state. Dopamine, however, is also involved in more complex emotions and behaviors, such as reward and addiction, in addition to making people happier. What else can make you feel happy, do […]

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